Health and Safety

(last updated Apr. 15, 2022)

The IROS 2022 Organization Committee (OC) continues working towards a traditional in-person conference. We are on schedule and target. The OC closely monitors the situation, including international flight availability, quarantine orders, visa processing, university/institutional travel restrictions. The OC will thus announce, no later than early summer, the conference’s final format, e.g., live/in-person, virtual, hybrid, etc.

This page will be updated as COVID19 policies evolve.

2022 IROS Health and Safety Hub

The health and safety of our conference attendees is our top priority. The 2022 IROS Conference Organizing Committee remains vigilant in monitoring the COVID19 pandemic.

Conference style “In person”, Hybrid”, or “Online” will be determined no later than early summer.

COVID19 Situation in Japan:  MHLW 1

Latest Information on COVID19:  MHLW 2

Safety Measures at Kyoto International Convention Center:  ICC Kyoto

New entry of foreign nationals 

Based on the New border measures (27) released on February 24, 2022, foreign nationals, except for those for tourism purposes, are allowed for a new entry into Japan under the responsibilities of receiving organizations from March 1, 2022.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dated March 11, 2022)

For further information please refer to  Reviewed Border Measures from March2022.

Currently, all foreign nationals who wish to newly enter Japan need to apply for a visa except for those with re-entry permits.

Required documents for the visa application:

  • A certificate for completion of registration to the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) is obtained by a receiving organization (located in Japan).
  • Other required documents for visa application.

Please refer to “Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel” for more details.

Measures by the Government of Japan:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Please check the current entry restrictions.


  1. Denial of permission to entry: MOFA 1
  2. Denial of the re-entry from certain countries/regions among designated countries/regions in response to COVID19 variants of special treatment on border measures: MOFA 2
  3. Quarantine measures: MOFA 3
  4. Suspension of visa validity: MOFA 4
  5. Suspension of visa exemption measures: MOFA 5
  6. Restrictions on airport/ports for arrival: MOFA 6
  7. Entry of foreign nationals with special exceptional circumstances: MOFA 7