In-person and On-line Presentation Instructions

IROS2022 technical sessions will be held basically in-person at KICC.

Room 1-20 will have physical rooms at KICC with Zoom Webinar (hybrid session).

Room 21-23 won’t have any physical rooms but with Zoom Webinar (on-line session).  The on-line sessions are composed by the on-line registration authors.

1. Oral sessions (hybrid and on-line sessions)

Oral sessions will be held three sessions a day during Oct. 24-26. Each session is composed of up to 9 papers (up to 6 papers at award sessions). Each author will have 7-minute presentations followed by a 3-minute Q&A. For the award session authors, they’ll have 10-minute presentations followed by a 5-minute Q&A.

  • Papers presented by an author attending in person at hybrid sessions: The session chair will start the presentation video (the videos that were uploaded to infovaya) and mute the sound to enable the presenter to talk over the video. Presenters are encouraged to treat the video as an auto-advancing presentation and practice accordingly.
  • Papers presented by an author attending on-line both at hybrid and on-line sessions: The session chair will start the presentation video with sound. The author will not deliver the presentation, but will participate in the Q&A via on-line.

The Q&A will include both in-person and remote presenters. Each room will have a zoom link, found on infovaya, and the session chairs will moderate the discussion including both in-person and on-line attendees.  If the author would like to use and show the slide in the presentation video at Q&A, please tell the staff such as to show the slide at 2 minute and 33 second. Then the staff will rewind the video and show it.

The physical room configuration will be the follows.

Session Room Configuration

2. Late-Breaking Results Poster sessions

Poster sessions will be held one session a day during Oct. 24-25 (14:10-15:40).

The poster session will take place in the room SWAN (1st floor at KICC). All posters will be paper posters brought by attendees. We’ll prepare push pins for pinning up your poster.

There are no tables, power supplies or displays. But you may bring in your PC for showing video clips.

The maximum dimension of the poster panel is 90cm wide x 210cm high. There is no specific template for the posters. You should choose the format that best represents your research work. Please use the IROS2022 logos that can be found here.

2-1. Core time

In order poster presenters to have opportunities for visiting the other presentations at the same session, we’ll set the core time. The presenter must be at your poster during core time but you may visit other poster presentations at the non-core time. The core time is specified by the presentation IDs.

MoB-PO.(odd number): Oct. 24 14:10-14:55

MoB-PO.(even number): Oct. 24 14:55-15:40

TuC-PO. (odd number): Oct. 25 14:10-14:55

TuC-PO.(even number): Oct. 25 14:55-15:40

2.2 Poster setup and takedown

Please set up your poster during lunch break, starting at 11:30. You should take down your poster by the end of the day.

Poster Booth Configuration