Call for Special Session Proposals

The Program Committee (PC) of IROS2022 invites proposals for special sessions to be presented at the conference.

Special sessions provide an opportunity to focus on emerging topics that are not reflected in the regular conference tracks. Specific areas of intelligent robots and systems can also be a special session topic in which authors of accepted paper(s) would like to gather together to discuss the topic and their papers.

Proposal Content

Prospective organizers of special sessions should send their proposals by email to the Special Session Committee (ss(at) as a PDF using the template.

Please replace “(at)” with “@”.

The proposal should include the following information:

  • Title of the special session.
  • Organizers of the special session.
  • Brief session description with 2-3 paragraphs, explaining the goal of the special session and the overarching themes of the submitted papers.
  • Corresponding keywords.
  • A list of potential paper titles, contributing authors with affiliations, corresponding authors with email, and tentative short abstracts of the papers.

Proposals with significant overlap may be merged.

Paper Submission for Special Sessions

Once a special session is accepted, the papers organized under that session will then be submitted to Paper Plaza. A special session can include papers submitted as RA-L with the IROS2022 option and regular (IROS2022 only) papers.

As is the case for regular papers, the submission deadline for special session papers is March 1, 2022.

After a special session paper is submitted, the authors of that paper should send the submission ID (whether it is an RA-L with IROS option paper or an IROS only paper) to the special session organizers. Then, after the deadline, the special session organizers will send the list of submission IDs to the Program Chair (nakauchi(at) and the Special Session Committee (ss(at) by March 8, 2022.

These papers will undergo the same peer review and decision process as all other IROS2022 regular papers and, if accepted, will be published in the proceedings.

If the special session does not have sufficient number of papers accepted, then the special session may be canceled, and the accepted papers submitted to the special session would be shared within other regular sessions of the area.

It is recommended to submit special session proposals with more than six papers in case some papers are not accepted. If more than seven papers are accepted, IROS2022 will ask organizers to select six accepted papers for the special session, and other accepted paper(s) will go into other sessions.

Contact Information

Please send the proposals by email to the Special Session Committee (ss(at)

For any enquiries concerning IROS 2022 Special Sessions, please send email to ss(at) or contact a member of the committee:


  • Chi Zhu (zhu(at) )


  • Bradley Nelson (bnelson(at)
  • Rong Xiong (rxiong(at)
  • Nabil Simaan (nabil.simaan(at)
  • Nancy Amato (namato(at)
  • Yasuhisa Hasegawa (hasegawa(at)

    Please replace “(at)” with “@”.

Important Dates

January 21, 2022: Deadline for submissions of special session proposals
January 31, 2022: Notification of acceptance
October 23-October 27, 2022: Conference days