Final Paper Submission Instructions


As one of the flagship conferences of the robotics community, IROS has always brought together the world’s robotics scientists, researchers, students, and key enterprises to share ideas and advances in the field. Much innovative research and development in intelligent robots and systems have historically been presented at the IROS conference. The IROS2022 organizing committee would like to congratulate all the authors for their excellent works.

As we informed you, the IROS2022 organizing committee has decided to hold the IROS on schedule as a traditional in-person conference. Virtual attendance will also be an option for those who have travel restrictions by their organization or do not feel comfortable participating in large gatherings. We’ll provide Zoom Webinars in all the session rooms.

The instructions on this page apply to ALL ACCEPTED papers for IROS2022 submitted as:

(i) Contributed IROS2022 papers

(ii) RA-L paper submissions with the IROS2022 presentation option

(iii) Selected T-RO/T-ASE/RAM papers that have been accepted for presentation at IROS2022

Final Version of Your Accepted Papers

The reviews and the associate editor’s remarks can be found via your PaperPlaza account. Please take these comments and suggestions into account when preparing the final version of your paper.

Your final version must be submitted using PaperPlaza. The deadline for final paper submission is July 31, 2022 (Sunday) at 23:59 PST (no extensions possible). Please ensure that the PaperPlaza metadata such as title, abstract, and author list is correct since this information is included in the program. Before submitting the final version, authors are expected to revise their paper, considering the feedback from the reviewers. Please follow the indications given in your acceptance letter.

Please recall the commitment statement you provided when submitting your paper: “the final version is expected to correspond in length and contents to your accepted submission, except for parts that might be added or modified to address the reviewers’ comments. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it significantly different than what was reviewed and accepted.”

What You Must Do towards the Conference Date

a) Make your AUTHOR REGISTRATION at the IROS registration site by July 28, 2022

One of the authors of your paper must register to IROS2022 at

There are two types of registrations (1. In-Person/On-Site Registration and 2. Virtual Online Registration). We strongly recommend you register in-person/on-site registration and give your presentation in Kyoto. The conference will be held as a hybrid. All the presentations are expected to be given on-site in Kyoto at JST 9:00-18:00. We’ll prepare the Zoom Webinar room for all 23 technical sessions. Authors are advised to make in-person/on-site registration for their paper, for only papers with on-site registration will be considered for an award and presented at award sessions.

(i) Contributed IROS2022 papers

If your paper length is 6+, you must pay the additional page charge at our registration system and get a keycode for uploading your final manuscript (the keycode will be issued depending on if you paid an additional page charge (1 or 2 pages, JPY22,000/page).

(ii) RA-L paper submissions with the IROS2022 presentation option

If your paper is accepted as RA-L paper, you need not pay for the additional page charge for 6+pages (waived). But you need to pay the additional page charge to RA-L. In this case, please do not toggle on the extra page charge check box in the JTB registration system.

To accept IROS papers that are submitted via the RA-L with IROS option but are not accepted to publish in RA-L, please follow the submission requirement to IROS contributed papers, including the additional page charge requirement, as well as the copyright transferring procedure in the final submission.

(iii) Selected T-RO/T-ASE/RAM papers that have been accepted for presentation at IROS2022

The additional page charge won’t be applied to you. So just make registrations for giving your talk at IROS2022.

 b) Upload your Final paper/video at PaperPlaza by July 31, 2022

Final Papers

All the manuscripts for IROS2022 must follow the

Language: English
Paper size: US Letter or A4
Format: two-column IEEE conference format
Templates: LateX template and MS Word template
Paper Length: at most 8 pages

PaperPlaza (

Video for Accepted Papers

If your accepted paper was accompanied by a short video in the original submission, then you may upload a video in the final submission. However, please do not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability as possible across platforms. Accepted video contributions will be included in the conference proceedings (Infovaya) and also in IEEE Xplore. Here are the detailed video submission guidelines for contributed IROS papers and RA-L submissions:

– File size: 20MB (correction! File size must be 10MB or less (2022.07.15))
– Format (only one of the following should be used): mpeg, mp4, mpg
– Maximum duration in seconds: 180 sec. (~60 sec is preferable)
– Minimum height: 480
– Minimum frame rate (fps): 20
– Scan type: Progressive

In addition, please prepare the following two plain text files:

  • Summary.txt file (max 1 KB). Describe in five sentences or less the contents or value of the video. This file helps IEEE Xplore users to make downloading decisions.
  • ReadMe.txt file (max 10 KB). This file must include the following sections:
    1. Description: An overall description of the objects and what the audience can expect to gain by downloading them;
    2. Player Information: Provide the minimum version of the player software that is required to play the submitted files. Include the name of the software, the version number, and any special requirements for the player; and
    3. Contact Information: The author should provide contact information in case users have questions regarding the extended material. IEEE will not provide any technical support.

Note that both of the above files should be in plain text format and have a ‘.txt’ extension. They are needed by IEEE in order to include the video in IEEE Xplore.

A video that was NOT originally submitted to a contributed IROS paper or RA-L paper with the IROS option will NOT be accepted at a later date in the final IROS paper submission or the revised RA-L submission with the IROS option after the peer-review of the paper is completed.

(i) Contributed IROS2022 papers

Please follow the instructions explained above.

(ii) RA-L paper submissions with the IROS2022 presentation option

To papers accepted for RA-L publication, your final manuscript (two-column IEEE conference format) will be included in the IROS2022 proceedings (Infovaya), but it won’t be included in the post-conference Proceedings sent to the IEEE Xplore database.

(iii) Selected T-RO/T-ASE/RAM papers that have been accepted for presentation at IROS2022

Since your paper has already been published at T-RO/T-ASE/RAM, your final submission won’t be included in IROS2022 proceedings on Explore. But your final paper manuscript submitted for IROS2022 PaperPlaza will be included in IROS2022 online proceedings (Infovaya) so that the audience of IROS2022 will refer according to your talk.

Your manuscript (extended abstract) must be re-formatted in the IROS2022 tow-column IEEE conference format. The page length could be 1-10 pages. Please note that you won’t be charged any excess page charges for your final paper submissions.

c) Upload your Presentation video clip at the IROS2022 conference app by mid of August 2022 August 31, 2022

All regular papers are 10 minutes of oral presentation. Please plan to speak for 7 minutes and allow 3 minutes for questions. For the finalists of IROS awards, they’ll be arranged in special award sessions for 15 minutes of oral presentation (10 minutes speech with 5 minutes for questions). For those who have been elected for IROS awards, we’ll let them know by the mid of July 2022 about the award evaluation results. If you received the notification, please prepare the 10 minutes speech video.

For the details, we’ll let you know by the mid of August 2022. Please note if you have not registered as in-person/on-site registration, you’ll lose your award opportunities.

Related Q&A

Q: In the notification email, there is an attachment of iThenticalteScanResult.txt. Should I care about this issue?
A: Yes. This is the similarity report of your paper via CrossCheck. You can review the detailed similarity scan result via your account in the PaperCept account. You are suggested to carefully review the similarity report and solve the potential similarity issue of your paper if the score is over 30%, which is the alert level in CrossCheck system. Preventing scholarly and professional plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, is important to all of us.

Q: My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing in both RAL and IROS Conference:
Sub-Q1: I have submitted the paper to RA-L already. Should I submit to IROS, too?
A: Yes, you need to submit your final manuscript to IROS in the PaperPlaza system. Your paper will be included in the IROS2022 proceedings as well as the IROS2022 conference App. However, it will not be sent to IEEE Xplore as an IROS paper. The final publication of your paper will be RA Letter.

Sub-Q2; Do I need to process the eCopyright transfer in IROS final submission?
A: No. Since your paper is finally submitted to RA-Letter, there is no eCopyright transfer step in the IROS final manuscript submission of your paper.

Sub-Q3: I have prepared the updated version for RAL. Should I submit this updated version to IROS?
A: Yes, Since IROS provides you the opportunity for presenting your RA-L paper, it is strongly recommended to upload your most updated version in the IROS final submission.

Sub-Q4: My paper is over 6 pages, and I have paid (or will pay) the over-page charge on RA-L’s final submission. Do I need to pay the over-page Charge on IROS final submission?
A: No. IROS2022 organizing committee will waive the over-page Charge for papers accepted for publishing on RA Letter. Therefore, in your author registration at the IROS registration system, you just select “No OverPage” for your RAL accepted paper ID, then obtain the Keycode for your RAL accepted paper to process paper uploading at PaperPlaze system.

Q: My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing at IROS2022 but not be accepted for publishing at RAL. Do I need to perform the eCopyright transfer and do I need to pay the over-page charge if my paper is over 6 pages?
A: Yes. Because your paper is treated as Contributed Paper of IROS2022, the final submission procedure will be the same as IROS Contributed Paper, and your paper will be included in the IROS conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.

Q: My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing at IROS2022 but is still in the status of Under Review/Decision Pending/Revise and Resubmit, what should I do now?
A: As per the email from IROS2022 OC and RA-L Editor-in-Chief, please wait for a further email contact from IROS OC because the paper type should be set in different on both eCopyright and over-page settings.

Q: I have applied my T-RO, RAM, T-ASE paper to present IROS2022 and has been accepted. Do I have to pay extra page charge?
A: No, you don’t. You must make registration and get keycode for uploading your manuscript on PaperPlaza. But you need not pay for extra pages for 6+.

Please contiguously refer to this page for the update. For further questions, please refer to FAQ.

Yasushi Nakauchi
PC Chair, IROS2022