FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

(last updated Aug. 18, 2022)

Q. Will IROS 2022 be virtual?

A. (08/06/2022 Answer:) Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IROS 2020 and 2021 were successfully held online, so we have not gathered in person for two years. We recognize the importance and value of the onsite meetings, which bring us together to meet physically, especially for newcomers to the IROS community. The IROS 2022 organizing committee then decided to hold the IROS as a traditional in-person conference. Virtual attendance will also be an option for those who have travel restrictions by their organization or do not feel comfortable participating in large gatherings, with the recognition that the conference cannot be experienced fully while remote. We will strive to make the in-person event fruitful and memorable while following safety precautions as warranted.

Q. Is there a volunteer program for non-local students?

A. (08/08/2022 Answer:) We welcome students to attend IROS 2022. Due to the restriction on entering Japan, we have no plans for student volunteers from overseas. For students who will present their papers and need financial assistance to travel, IROS Student and Developing Countries Travel Award is provided.

Q. Why does my online credit card payment fail during registration?

A. (26/07/2022 Answer:) In case of a transaction failure, we recommend trying again with the same credit card at a later time. If the problem remains, we suggest using an alternative credit card. Notes: We received complaints about some localized dual-currency cards. Such cards may not apply to the JTB system. 

Q. Why have I not received my keycode after the registration payment?

A. (26/07/2022 Answer:) After paying the registration fee, a Confirmation Sheet containing the keycode for submitting your final paper to paperplaza will be issued. Please check it by clicking the “Confirmation Sheet” button in the registration system’s “My page” tab (see the figure below).

Note that your keycode will only be issued when you have entered your Paper ID in the “Submitted Papers” section of the registration system (see the figure below). Please check your Paper ID carefully before confirming your registration. Make sure to enter the ID for IROS paper instead of RA-L paper if your publication was RA-L with IROS option. If you forgot to enter or wrongly entered your Paper ID in the system, please edit your registration, update your paper ID, and regenerate your confirmation sheet.

Q. My accompanying persons are not going to join the conference. Can they receive visas without registration?

A. (21/07/2022 Answer:) No. In that case, your accompanying persons’ purpose will be tourism instead of business. They may apply for a group tourist visa through your local agency. The group tourist visas are irrelevant to IROS, and the conference’s designated agency (JTB) cannot help you with them.

Q. Could I apply for a visa independently without making registration?

A. (07/07/2022 Answer:) Unfortunately, the answer is no. The IROS organizing committee cannot sign an invitation letter and fill up ERFS for you without the designated agency (JTB).

Q. In the notification email, there is an attachment of iThenticalteScanResult.txt. Should I care about this issue?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) Yes. This is the similarity report of your paper via CrossCheck. You can review the detailed similarity scan result via your account in the PaperCept account. You are suggested to carefully review the similarity report and solve the potential similarity issue of your paper if the score is over 30%, which is the alert level in CrossCheck system. Preventing scholarly and professional plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, is important to all of us.

Q. My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing in both RAL and IROS Conference:

Sub-Q1: I have submitted the paper to RA-L already. Should I submit to IROS, too?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) Yes, you need to submit your final manuscript to IROS in the PaperPlaza system. Your paper will be included in the IROS2022 proceedings as well as the IROS2022 conference App. However, it will not be sent to IEEE Xplore as an IROS paper. The final publication of your paper will be RA Letter.

Sub-Q2; Do I need to process the eCopyright transfer in IROS final submission?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) No. Since your paper is finally submitted to RA-Letter, there is no eCopyright transfer step in the IROS final manuscript submission of your paper.

Sub-Q3: I have prepared the updated version for RAL. Should I submit this updated version to IROS?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) Yes, Since IROS provides you the opportunity for presenting your RA-L paper, it is strongly recommended to upload your most updated version in the IROS final submission.

Sub-Q4: My paper is over 6 pages, and I have paid (or will pay) the over-page charge on RA-L’s final submission. Do I need to pay the over-page Charge on IROS final submission?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) No. IROS2022 organizing committee will waive the over-page Charge for papers accepted for publishing on RA Letter. Therefore, in your author registration at the IROS registration system, you just select “No OverPage” for your RAL accepted paper ID, then obtain the Keycode for your RAL accepted paper to process paper uploading at PaperPlaze system.

Q. My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing at IROS2022 but not be accepted for publishing at RAL. Do I need to perform the eCopyright transfer and do I need to pay the over-page charge if my paper is over 6 pages?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) Yes. Because your paper is treated as Contributed Paper of IROS2022, the final submission procedure will be the same as IROS Contributed Paper, and your paper will be included in the IROS conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.

Q. My IROS RAL-Option paper is accepted for publishing at IROS2022 but is still in the status of Under Review/Decision Pending/Revise and Resubmit, what should I do now?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) As per the email from IROS2022 OC and RA-L Editor-in-Chief, please wait for a further email contact from IROS OC because the paper type should be set in different on both eCopyright and over-page settings.

Q. I have applied my T-RO, RAM, T-ASE paper to present IROS2022 and has been accepted. Do I have to pay extra page charge?

A. (13/07/2022 Answer:) No, you don’t. You must make registration and get keycode for uploading your manuscript on PaperPlaza. But you need not pay for extra pages for 6+.

Q. Is there an abstract submission, or not?

A. (11/12/2021 Answer:) The IROS conference only accepts FULL paper submission and never accepts abstract submission.

Q. Will you extend the deadline of paper submission?

A. (19/02/2022 Answer:) The submission deadline will not be extended. Please follow the submission deadline on our official website.

Q: Are authors allowed to link to external (anonymized) supplementary material (containing, e.g., additional technical background, proofs of theorems, additional experimental details of user study)?

A. (17/02/2022 Answer:)
1. Reviewers are not required to consider/review external material — the paper should be self-contained. Reviewers are advised not to click on links that could reveal their identity. (Given IROS’s single-blind review process, it is the identity of the reviewer, not the author, that is withheld.)

2. Authors should not use external links to avoid the page limits or avoid paying extra page charges. (They should not move items that were in the paper while under review to external links in order to have a shorter final version of the paper.) If the ideas/results are so complex and detailed that they cannot be contained in 6-8 pages, authors should consider that the conference may not be the appropriate venue for the work.

3. For the final version of an accepted paper, authors should make sure that any links will persist. For example, a link to a GitHub repository is preferred to code posted on a student’s university website.

Q. Can I make changes to my submitted paper after the deadline?

A. (04/03/2022 Answer:) IROS authors cannot make changes to their submitted manuscripts past the submission deadline.

Q. I will attend the conference and present my paper in person. Do I still need to submit the presentation video?

A. (08/18/2022 Answer:) Yes. IROS2022 is a hybrid conference, and some authors worldwide cannot travel to Kyoto to attend the conference in person due to COVID-19 travel constraints. Your pre-recorded presentation video is important for online authors to watch in case of a network problem, time-zone difficulty, etc.
Additionally, the presentation video will be shown on the IROS2022 Conference App, provided by InfoVaya, and our IROS2022 On-demand system. All conference attendees can watch your presentations during all conference periods, even missing your presentation in real-time due to time constraints, etc.

Q. I am planning to present my paper in person. As instructed, the presentation video is suggested to add closed captioning in. Therefore, during my presentation, these captions will be appearing on the screen but will be different from what I am speaking. Will this be fine?

A. (08/18/2022 Answer:) Yes, your live talk could be different from the wording shown as closed caption. As you know, this activity is challenging for providing accessibility to our attendees with auditory disabilities. During your presentation, these captions will help them to understand your presentation, both online and in-person attending.