IROS2022 Stop COVID-Spread Countermeasure (SC2) Committee

The incoming IROS2022 will be held as the largest post/with-COVID conference in Kyoto, expecting more than 5,000 participants. Avoiding infection is our top priority. The IROS2022 organizers are taking comprehensive actions according to the guideline given by our advisory infection specialist, Kyoto International Convention Center (KICC), and Japan Government. To STOP infection of COVID-19 at the conference, we organize a Stop COVID-Spread Countermeasure (SC^2) Committee. This special committee aims to form an action plan for COVID countermeasure, efficiently carry out the anti-infection action plans, and show our firm determination to stop infection for safety and health.


  • Miki Nagao, Professor
    Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine,
    Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine
    Director, Department of Clinical Laboratory
    Department of Infection Prevention
    Kyoto University Hospital

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University
  • Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku University
  • Shugen Ma, Ritsumeikan University


  • Noriyuki Tejima, Ritsumeikan University
  • Makoto Nokata, Ritsumeikan University


Top leaders in robotics, including RAS Adcom Members, IROS StCom Members, SICE Presidents, RSJ Presidents, IROS2022 Committee Members, Senor Program Committee Members, etc.

Tasks and Actions:

  • To write action plans in case of infection.
  • To collaborate tightly with local hospitals, doctors, healthcare centers, etc.
  • To perform a self-antigen test for all the participants at the beginning.
  • To have sparse parties and a banquet in a new style.
  • To distribute IROS2022 masks with IROS2022 Log.
  • To optimize the human flow, particularly at the registration desk (KICC request).
  • To display posters to ask for participants’ voluntary actions to prevent infection.
  • To let all participants wear a mask (KICC request).
  • To let all participants sanitize their hands (KICC request).
  • To let the participants keep their distance (KICC request).
  • To ask for remote participation from the hotel in case of illness (KICC request).
  • To ask for self-recording the movement (Japan Government request).
  • To have thermal cameras and disinfection stands.
  • To show enough information about the COVID-19 situation in Japan.