Health and Safety

(last updated October 11, 2022)

The IROS 2022 organizing committee decided to hold the IROS as a traditional in-person conference. Virtual attendance will also be an option for those who have travel restrictions by their organization or do not feel comfortable participating in large gatherings, with the recognition that the conference cannot be experienced fully while remote.

This page will be updated as COVID19 policies evolve.

2022 IROS Health and Safety Hub

The health and safety of our conference attendees is our top priority. The 2022 IROS Conference Organizing Committee remains vigilant in monitoring the COVID19 pandemic.

OC will follow the guidelines by the government and the venue ICC Kyoto in order to host the event safely. 

Request to participants from ICC Kyoto:

·       Take your temperature before leaving home

·       Wear masks and observe the coughing etiquette

·       Thoroughly disinfect and sterilize your hands, wash your hands, and gargle

·       Refrain from participating if you meet any conditions requiring admission restriction

·       Refrain from discarding masks in the venue

We would like to ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of infection.

Current Japanese Border measures

Valid vaccination certificate Quarantine
Pre-departure test Questionnaire
On-arrival test Isolation
With NOT Required Required

Without Required

Regardless of the following, those entering Japan must follow additional instructions from the quarantine stations such as COVID-19 testing if requested. Furthermore, those who test positive will be required a quarantine at the designated facility.

Important notes after entering Japan (excerpt from MHLW Health Card)

  • Please take the following countermeasures to prevent the spread of the infection.
    • Wear a face mask and take caution to protect others from getting infected.
    • Sanitize your hands thoroughly and wash your hands frequently.
    • Avoid the three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings).

For details please refer to  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Border Measures by the Government of Japan:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Criteria to determine a Close-Contact during Group Dining

(ver. 1.1 – September 16, 2022)

supervised by Prof. Miki Nagao,
Kyoto University Hospital

When a participant becomes infected, other dinner members will be considered as close contacts even if one of the following items was not observed:

When planning a dinner party:

Course meal

Not for sharing

During a dinner party:

  • Wear a non-woven mask, take off the strap only when eating or drinking, and do not touch the mask surface.
  • Start speaking after everyone has taken on their masks.
  • Do not talk while eating (eat silently).
  • Coughing and sneezing without a mask breaches the above criteria.

If you have a question for COVID-19, please do not hesitate to send email to sc2(at)

*Please replace (at) by @.