For attention of IROS2022 onsite participants

(ver. 1.1 – September 15, 2022)


Depending on the Covid-19 situation and Japanese govt. regulations, this notice might change without a prior notice. Therefore, all on-site conference attendees are requested to make sure that they follow the latest version. In addition, be sure to check the Health & Safety page

Keeping in view the prevailing situation of COVID-19 infections globally, the IROS2022 Stop COVID-Spread Countermeasure (SC2) Committee requests ALL ONSITE conference attendees including their accompanying persons, irrespective whether they are local or visiting from abroad, to strictly observe the following rules:

1. Get a PCR or antigen test before attending the IROS2022

If you test Covid positive, you cannot attend IROS2022 onsite. In addition, please cooperate with the active epidemiological investigations in accordance with Article 15 of the Act on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases conducted by public health centers and other facilities with the help of local and/or national authorities. Your personal information will be notified to the public health center by a physician who diagnosed you with COVID-19. If you did rapid antigen testing at home or hotel and obtained a positive band on the kit, please stay where you are and contact the Kyoto Novel Coronavirus Medical Consultation Center for further instructions.

2. Install COVID-19 Close-Contact Detection Application (COCOA) on your mobile device

COCOA application enables users to receive notifications about possible contact with positive COVID-19 cases after approval from the individual users by utilizing the short-range communications function (Bluetooth) on smartphones and other mobile devices. It ensures privacy by preventing users from identifying each other. Users can receive quick support from local public health centers, including PCR testing, if they become aware of the possibility of being in close-contact with a COVID-19 positive person. The more users use this app, the more effectively it will help prevent the spread of the infection.

You can obtain information about COCOA and installing instructions from the following URL:

Note: Due to a recent change in the Japanese government policy, installation of the COCOA app is not requested by the IROS2022 SC2 Committee anymore.

3. Book single or double rooms for conference stay

It is advisable for attendees to book single or double rooms (for two people) during their stay in Kyoto rather than living together in large groups.

Requests to participants from Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto):

  • Take your body temperature every day before leaving home or hotel.
  • Wear masks and observe the coughing etiquettes (e.g., cough under your elbow).
  • Thoroughly disinfect and sterilize your hands, wash them regularly, and gargle often.
  • Refrain from participating if you meet any conditions mandating admission restriction.
  • Refrain from discarding masks on the conference venue.

If you have a question for COVID-19, please do not hesitate to send email to sc2(at)